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Dashboard "Managing your roles"

The area Tests has been added to Dashboard "Managing your roles", management platform for Admin User. As Admin User you can see the history of each test.

If, for example, one of your patients has a problem with getting a report, you can now see the email history and if necessary, can download the report directly. In these cases, it is no longer necessary to contact our support team.

Further information can be found in the updated article under the section Tests.

The Covid-Free Pass (CFP) is a forgery-proof Covid-19 test and vaccination certificate that can be easily checked digitally. For this purpose, certificates are stored on a blockchain and protected with a personal identification code, no personal data is stored.

Read more on the official website.

In order to be able to check the Covid-Free Pass, a new role has been added: Check Covid-Free Pass.

This role also has been added to the article Starterpackage / ID Cards.

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