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Check Covid-Free Pass
Check Covid-Free Pass

Learn how the Covid-Free Pass can be checked

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November, 9th 2021

User: Admin User / CheckIn User / Result User / CheckIn + Result User

Role: Check Covid-Free Pass

This role is authorized to check an existing Covid-Free Pass.

The Covid-Free Pass (CFP) is a forgery-proof Covid-19 test and vaccination certificate that can be easily checked digitally. For this purpose, certificates are stored on a blockchain and protected with a personal identification code, no personal data is stored.

Read more on the official website.

You get an ID-Card with the appropriated authorization from your Admin User.

Step 1: Scan ID-Card

Scan QR-Code on ID-Card and enter the PIN. The PIN must be changed, after entering it for the first time. If the PIN is lost, the Admin User can create a new identity. No registration is required. Once you have been logged in, you can change the login method (sign in with Microsoft) under your profile.

Step 2: Check CFP

Go to CFP in the menu and click Check CFP now.

Step 3: Scan CFP

Scan the Covid-Free Pass of the report.

Step 3: CFP Status

You will receive a valid or an invalid Covid-Free Pass.

A valid Covid-Free Pass means that the person has a valid proof of immunity to SARS-CoV-2 (vaccination or had a previous illness) or has recently tested negative,

An invalid Covid-Free Pass means that the person does not have a valid proof of immunity or a negative test for SARS-CoV-2.

The specification of the ID number is a requirement for the creation of the Covid-Free Pass. An identification code is also included on the report. If this is provided when booking a new test appointment, all previous test results will be displayed in one Covid-Free Pass.

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