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Find out how to manage tests as Test User

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November, 9th 2021

User: Test User

Role: Manage tests

You get an ID-Card with the authorization Test User from your Admin User, either named as Test User 1,2 or 3 or personalized with your name.

Step 1: Scan ID-Card

Scan QR-Code on ID-Card and enter the PIN. The PIN must be changed, after entering it for the first time. If the PIN is lost, the Admin User can create a new identity. No registration is required. Once you have been logged in, you can change the login method (sign in with Microsoft) under your profile.

Step 2: Manage tests

Now you have the possibilty to manage tests. Go to more in the menu --> Management --> Manage organization --> Tests

Now you have the overview of the history of each test.

Read more about this role, in this article.

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