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Label printing
Label printing

For tests that are evaluated in the laboratory

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January 20th, 2021

What is the label printer used for?

The test person´s data is taken from the QR-Code Label and printed on the label, which is stuck on the laboratory´s form.

As usual, scan test person´s appointment confirmation when entering the test room. Perform test execution and stick one QR-Code Label on the laboratory form after test person has left the test room.

Step 1: Scan ID-Card (Login as usal)

Scan QR-Code on ID-Card and enter the PIN. If the PIN is lost, the Admin User can create a new identity. No registration is required. Once you have been logged in, you can change the login method (sign in with Microsoft) under your profile.

Step 2: Create Print-Label

Go to more in the menu and click on print label .

Step 3: Scan QR-Code

Scan QR-Code Label from laboratory form.

Step 4: Download & Create label

Click on "Download". After opening the file, click on Print and select the appropriate label printer. Then stick the printed label on the laboratory form above the address area.

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