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Learn how to enter COVID-19 test results as Result User

Written by C19T Service
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November, 9th 2021

User: Result User

Role: Enter results

You get an ID-Card with the authorization Result User from your Admin User, either named as Result User 1,2 or 3 or personalized with your name.

Step 1: Scan ID-Card

Scan QR-Code on ID-Card and enter the PIN. The PIN must be changed, after entering it for the first time. If the PIN is lost, the Admin User can create a new identity. No registration is required. Once you have been logged in, you can change the login method (sign in with Microsoft) under your profile.

Step 2: Scan QR-Code

Go to result in the menu and scan the QR-Code (on testkit).

Step 3: Enter result

Choose positive, negative or invalid.

NOTE: Please note the time specified by the test supplier for optimal test readout.

Step 4: Receive result

After test execution test person can leave the testing location immediately and do not have to physically wait for the result. The result and further information will be sent via SMS & EMail.

All further processes are automated (e.g. report to the authority, billing report in accordance with the agreement).

โ€‹For tests that are evaluated in the laboratory (e.g. PCR tests), labels can be created with the data of the person to be tested, which can be stuck on the laboratory form. Read more here.

How do I enter the result if the QR-Code (from testkit) is no langer available?

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